Nick Nicky Fung, Video Editor

[email protected] Stammering on my first day as a Frederator intern, I was immediately deemed NickNicky. I wasn’t even brought in at a normal intern period, I started in early November. Shortly after the holiday break, I started getting paid for my time, and eventually I was an official Frederator employee.

I am so humbled to be a part of the Frederator family, as I never thought I could have so much fun at work. I’m mainly the video editor/camera operator for Cartoon Hangover and Channel Frederator, but working for Frederator means you get to touch many different things, like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, conventions and festivals, merchandising, and much much more.

Interning on my first day, I was overwhelmed by the exposure to YouTube and all the behind-the-scenes mechanics, and it was actually quite enlightening. I knew I wanted to edit videos, but I also wanted to do more. Within my time here, I’ve decided to partner up with my co-worker and now, best friend, Cade Hiser, to co-host and co-produce our own YouTube channel, Toy Pizza, alongside Jesse DeStasio (who I also met through the Frederator Family), as a partner of the Channel Frederator Network. And I can say proudly say, that opportunity, that idea, would have never come up if I didn’t come up to the 10th floor (now 7th). I knew I wanted to do something outside of work, and Frederator helped me figure that out. I’m very happy working on Toy Pizza (

Aside from work, I am an avid sneaker collector and customizer. I’ve customized around 100 pairs, for people all over the US, including international pairs. That’s really something else, knowing that someone I’ve never met, overseas, wants to own something made from my hands. It’s flattering. With about 80+ pairs of sneakers accumulated over 9 years, from buying, selling, and trading, my collection mainly consists of Nike SB’s and a few non SB sneakers. I mainly pride my sample section of my collection, where I own about 8 pairs that have never been put into production, never released to the public. For more sneakers you can check out my tumblr here:

Some things you wouldn’t know about me off-hand are, I’m left-handed, I won a Junior Bowlers Tournament at 16, and I currently hold 2nd place in the world for my time on Mario Kart Double Dash!! – Grand Prix – All Cup Tour – 150cc.

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